About Organizer

Hi-Teech International Trade Fair India Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer globally acclaimed industrial trade fair management and organizing company based in Tirupur, India. Hi-Tech International is particularly recognized for its significant contribution in the trade fair industry for organising exhibition in multiple industry secots including: textile, automotive, agriculture and healthcare for over 2.5 decades since 1993.

Hi-Tech International’s latest offering is a mega healthcare and medical exhibition titled “INDIA MEDIC FAIR” to be conducted on 13-15 September 2019 at CODISSIA Exhibition Centre Complex in Coimbatore. The objectives of the exhibition are to provide a platform for all stake holders in the healthcare industry of the Coimbatore region.




KNITTECH 2017 will exploit the opportunities arising from the very latest technological development make sure that we continue to innovate, preparing for the we need to future.

To do this, our textile and clothing industry needs strong and relevant skills to compete successfully in World markets. In some areas we already have these; using new computer technology in knitting machines, Indian companies are succeeding in both reducing the production time of garments and increasing their fashion and design content.